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The dream sparked years ago while watching a church video from the recent missions trip to Honduras, Central America. As the video played tears started to roll down my face as I realized that these beautiful people, who had beautiful images, would never see them. That's the day God planted the dream in my heart to travel the world with my family capturing the least of these, local impoverished people that would otherwise never have a single picture of their beautiful families.

Fast forward to several years later and the calling finally came- It was time to go! Nicaragua was calling.

Seven weeks from the call we were boarding a flight with all six of our children to travel abroad for our first missions trips as missionary photographers. We partnered up with an amazing family living locally who had connections with several local churches. During that Easter season of 2013 we rode the back roads of Nicaragua "capturing families for Christ". All in all that first trip would amount to 325 individual images that needed to be printed, mounted and weatherproofed. After all of the work was done we traveled back to that little church in Las Salinas, Nicaragua to give back the images that we had taken.

To say it was an emotional day doesn't even give it justice. We were so humbled and honored to be a part of something so amazingly cool.

The next summer we would go back to Nicaragua to work again, this time with several other organizations on the ground. Branching out and traveling all over the lower southern parts of Nicaragua. From rural dirt roads to garbage dumps at the base of active volcanoes, we worked on capturing more families for Christ. This time it would be three times the amount of images in less than 30 days; And we had an extra little one with us! Baby Jaxon was only 9 weeks old on that trip.


Again, being a part of a bigger plan and being able to bless others with our simple gift of taking photographs was truly a blessing to all of us as well.

Now we wait for the next assignment-

Where in the world will we go next?

Only God knows at this point- But we are up for anywhere that he provides...

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